Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Road Not Taken

I am choosing to write about the poem "The Road Not Taken," wrttien by Robert Frost because I think it has a meaning to everyone who can understand it. I say that because it is pretty difficult to comprehend the first time you read it. I got a better understanding after discussing it in calss and realized that it actually had several different meanings, a literal and figurative. I personally got the impression that it was about life. For example, there is always more than one path in life to take. It is just important to choose the best path for you. The poem has four stanzas, short, but impressive with meaning. In the story he said that he was going to take one path, that wasn't the most popular, he was taking is own path, and might take the other at another time. It is important to do things your own way and not do things because everyone else is or everyone wants you to. Take the road that leads you to your happiness.

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  1. i really like your point of view on things. I like that you said "take the road that leads you to happiness." thats a very optimistic way of looking at things. Because taking the road that leads you to happiness may not be a happy road but the destination we eventually arrive to will be happiness. I also agree with you that it is important for us to do things our own way. what are we without individuality?